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~Updates~ Please Read


I will not be mandating proof of vaccination for my business in my Massage space. I am NOT vaccinated and I do not judge any one based on their choice and I expect the same respect. If you have an issue with my choice or it makes you uncomfortable it is your right to decide not to come in.

All other protocols are followed, sanitation, circulation, distancing, mask requirements and self awareness. 

Masks are required in all common areas.

Please do not attend an appointment if you are not feeling well in any way or have been exposed to someone who has not been.

Go to "Dance and Fitness" tab for day to day adjustments.

Starting Nov 30th

To join one of my classes just message, text or e-mail me.

Drop in classes are $12 and check "pricing" tab for more details.

Virtual is still an option but you must contact me 24 hours before the class to get the Zoom link. 

If you haven't tried one of these classes or one of them with me this is a great time to try something new. Every class has modifications and progressions for all levels. I am a personal trainer as well as a fitness instructor so questions are always welcome and I can guarantee a successful work out!

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Click on "Dance and Fitness" tab to see the calendar. Day to day updates will be there. 

Due to some business changes October 2021 will be the last month of classes.

With techniques from Egyptian style bellydance, Taylia wants to help you connect with your body and soul. Bellydance is a powerful dance focused on the isolation of movements and the building of your core strength. It can be healing in more ways than one!


CanCan is lively, risque, physical demanding dance of French origin. It is well known for the high kicks, splits and cartwheels. It became popular in dance halls in the 1840's and with the development of the dance form, it changed from a provocative dance to a polished, technical, and respectable dance mainly dominated by women. This is a great style for anyone who wants a workout while dancing and wants to let loose a little.

Moving on your own is easy, becoming in-sync with another person can be tricky. I want to help you learn to connect and move with a friend and/or partner to any kind of music. Learn some basic steps for rumba, east coast swing and the basics of leading and following in a pair. Maybe even a trick or two. 

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